KAC160725050759 - Vendor Manager

Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: Vendor Manager
Division: Information Technology Employment Type: Full Time - Fixed Term
Last date of application: 2016-08-30 Country: Kuwait,

Job Description:

Kuwait Airways is actively recruiting for the role of Vendor Manager. As Vendor Manager, you are the thought leader on contract strategy and terms & conditions. You will be responsible for managing multiple provider/supplier contracts for the outsourced IT services; responsible for ensuring on-time delivery and review of contract deliverables and obligations, and you will lead the contract change management process and provide a disciplined means for managing and implementing amendments to the contract. You will be responsible for the verification, reconciliation, and payment of all invoices; as well as monitoring contract compliance. You will assist with relationship management between Company and the IT outsourcer.

Roles and responsibilities

•Develop vendor sourcing strategy, selection approach, negotiation framework and performance management plan.
• Prioritize selection of vendors and services based on input from architects and program managers (e.g., based on what we know of our roadmap, we expect to use much more of these services).
• Track vendor financial and contract performance. Ensure on-time delivery and review of contract deliverables and obligations, including monthly status/metric reporting, quarterly trend reporting, roadmap documentation, transition planning and execution deliverables.
• Manage vendor relations and performance reviews. Support enforcement of vendor SLAs/penalties and hold the vendor to aspects of the contract which are not measureable.
• Conduct vendor risk assessment to mitigate issues preventing on-time, on-quality delivery.
• Control the verification, reconciliation, and payment of all invoices.
• Monitor vendors landscape and ecosystem so as to identify incumbent as well as new entrants in the most relevant technological areas.


• Bachelor’s degree (ideally from a finance or technology field)
• 5-7 years of related work experience in HW / SW vendor management, procurement, outsourcing, or project management in an IT environment.
• Experience in contract negotiation, performance management with technology vendors.


• Strong vendor management skills including inter personal skills and negotiation.
• Strong financial modeling capabilities.
• Strong communication skills including contract creation, editing, and maintenance.

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