KAC160823030820 - Sr. Coordinator - Simulator Rostering

Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: Sr. Coordinator - Simulator Rostering
Division: Operations Employment Type: Full Time - Fixed Term
Last date of application: 2016-09-23 Country: Kuwait,

Job Description:

Kuwait Airways is actively recruiting for the role of Sr. Coordinator - Simulator Rostering.

In this role, you will be responsible for assisting in the planning and the developing of the monthly crew roster in accordance with flight schedules for a particular fleet. You will carry out a variety of administrative duties related to the rostering of the simulators and various other trainers, training equipment and aircraft mock ups. You will also be responsible for preparing rostering schedules, reports and correspondence as directed.

Roles and Responsibilities:

In this role, you will:

• Assist in planning and developing the monthly crew roster in accordance with flight schedules for a particular fleet. Ensure rostering is carried out in accordance with the Department's policy to ensure an equitable and fair system of flight allocation, and in accordance with the Corporation's rules and regulations. You will prepare periodical simulator training schedules for the training of KAC's deck crews and other airlines as directed by the Assistant Manager, Simulator.
• Prepare schedules of training equipment and aircraft mockups for the training of KAC's cabin and deck crews and other airlines as directed. You will update schedules as required and participate in developing charts for deck crew positions with the flights to be operated each month. You are to check records and confirm with the Administration Section, the crew required for base or route checks, instrument ratings, simulator training.
• Coordinate and monitor all requirements of the deck crew for various training courses, simulator work or legal checks for license validity on a yearly basis. You will maintain usage records of all personnel and other airlines using the simulator, trainers and other training equipment. You will calculate the hours used, prepare statistical data and submit reports as directed.
• Maintain all files and develop an efficient index to facilitate easy reference. File all documents such as correspondence, invoices, brochures, service orders logs, etc. as required.
• Prepare and coordinate the required paperwork for other airline personnel to secure Entry visas as directed.
• Liaise with the various fleet rostering officers in the scheduling of deck crews for training as necessary.
• Liaise with the Engineering Maintenance section the scheduling of the Simulators, Trainers, and other training equipment for maintenance. You are to report problems that may cause delay in the training schedules to the Assistant Manager, Simulators.
• Carry out other similar or related duties such as typing letters and memoranda, sending faxes and telexes.


• Diploma in Business Administration
• 8 years' administrative experience in Simulator Rostering
• Good knowledge of English

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