Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: RESEARCHER, CARGO SALES
Division: Sales & Marketing Employment Type: Full Time - Permanent
Last date of application: 2018-01-18 Country: Kuwait,

Job Description:

Oversees various cargo sales/outstations activities.  Includes preparing data for plans and amendments thereto, coordinating marketing surveys, analyzing and compiling data, preparing cargo sales forecasts, monitoring and analyzing sales revenue, (e.g. by station, route, region, market share, etc.).
  1. Oversees and participates in the preparation of cargo marketing research and sales data, to support the various recommendations made in market research plans, sales forecasts and amendments thereto, and special reports prepared by the section. Utilizes personal computer and various software, such as Lotus, Symphony, Microsoft Word, to maintain data and prepare reports, plans, etc.
  2. Oversees and participates in the compiling of data and information to establish the general and alternative marketing research plans.  Assists in analyzing and interpreting information and may write various narrative portions of plans as directed.
  3. Oversees and prepares survey questionnaires to elicit required information and organizes field surveys by arranging and scheduling survey interviews with cargo agents, exporters, government officials, KAC Outstation Managers, etc. May participates in surveys or may personally conduct small surveys as assigned.
  4. Reviews and evaluates raw data and computes averages, ratios, distributions and compiles data in tabular, graphical, chart, report or other form suitable for review and interpretation.


  1. Bachelor's degree in Administration of Science or Marketing or equivalent.
  2. two  years' experience in cargo sales/outstations, and economic analysis inclusive of some experience in cargo work activities.  


  1. Good knowledge of English.
  2. Good knowledge of relevant computer system(s) plus keyboard skills.  

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