KAC171224051229 - Cargo Sales Representative

Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: Cargo Sales Representative
Division: Sales & Marketing Employment Type: Full Time - Fixed Term
Last date of application: 2018-01-24 Country: Kuwait,

Job Description:

Carries out various activities related to promoting cargo sales in order to achieve assigned sales target , develop KAC/client business relationship , attract new clients and collect information about new trends in cargo sales market . Includes visiting .assigned , maintaining client’s maintaining client’s data.
  1. Assists in implementing cargo rate policy and special rates , contract rates and conditions, following up as necessary if disputes or disagreements arise with the clients.
  2. Participates in analyzing local factors , following up with cargo Terminal on aircraft utilization , providing recommendations to utilize available capacity in the most efficient way and in accordance with market requirements.
  3. Visits Purchasing Manager different Ministries , Government Corporations and Commercial Houses to collect information about source/nature of their imported and exported cargo and coordinates on its freight by appropriate KAC flight to achieve established cargo sales promotion targets.
  4. Prepares periodic reports on Ministries and/or Government Corporations importing/exporting their cargo by other carriers, related justifications analysis and recommendations to solve their problems to ensure freight of such cargo by KAC.        


a. Completion of  Secondary (12) years education, plus two years formal training in a commercial discipline.   b. 4 years’ experience in airline cargo handling, reservations and sales.


  1. Good knowledge of English.
  2. Good knowledge of relevant computer system(s) plus keyboard skills.

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