KAC171226071242 - Medical Aviation Doctor

Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: Medical Aviation Doctor
Division: Human Resource Employment Type: Full Time - Fixed Term
Last date of application: 2018-02-15 Country: Kuwait,

Job Description:

Basic Function and Scope:Provides routine medical treatment to KAC flying staff.  Includes diagnosing and treating the routine ailments; authorizing and approving various requisitions, sick leave requests, recommended prescriptions, referrals, etc. assists in preparing an Aviation Medical Manual for flying crews and a variety of reports for internal and external distribution.  Also ensures compliance with applicable regulatory aviation agencies' standards.  Provides flying medical licenses to flying crew and supervises the fitness to fly for invalid passengers. 
  1. Examines flight crews for fitness to fly and issues medical license to fly.  Provides routine treatment to KAC flying crews and related staff.  Includes examining results of tests and physical examinations, reviewing preliminary diagnosis and recommended treatment, and approving or determining alternatives for the effective treatment of hematological, emergency respiratory, craniological, orthopedic, ophthalmic, abdominal, dermatological and ear, nose and throat complaints.  Determines whether to refer cases to State or private hospitals, makes arrangements for referrals as required, and determines sick leave eligibility or fitness to work. 
  2. Ensures the preparation of a variety of reports, related to industrial injuries and accidents and statistics, monitoring and directing the overall clinical activities and performance of the laboratory and pharmacy, in-house or outside hospital work and ensuring that equipment and facilities are adequately maintained.
  3. Drafts and implements medical standards and procedures for the Aviation Medicine Section, such as those for employment, periodic and termination check ups, regular check ups of employees handling food or exposed to health hazards and inspection of KAC catering facilities for conformity to hygiene standards. 


  • Holder of Medical Degree recognized by Kuwaiti Ministry of Health.
  • Degree/ Diploma in Aviation Medicine recognized by UK/EASA.
  • Holding UK/ EASA designation as Authorized Medical Examiner.
  • Minimum 8 year's experience in field of Aviation Medicine.

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