KAC190410110452 - Administrative Executive Assistant (Kuwaiti National Preferred)

Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: Administrative Executive Assistant (Kuwaiti National Preferred)
Division: Chairman & CEO Office Employment Type: Full Time - Permanent
Last date of application: 2019-04-23 Country: Kuwait,

Job Description:

Kuwait Airways (KU: IATA, KAC: ICAO) is the official national carrier of the State of Kuwait.
Established in 1953 as a private company, the airline was initially 50 per cent owned by the Kuwaiti government. In 1962, the government assumed 100 per cent ownership, making it the longest serving, official state carrier operating from the Arabian Gulf Region.  Kuwait Airways employs over 4,800 people, and the head office is in the heart of Kuwait City, close to Kuwait International Airport (KWI). Kuwait Airways is recruiting for the role of Administrative Executive Assistant In this role, your tasks will include but not be limited to:
  1. Core functions:
Performs all the administrative and protocol work of the senior management by providing information and data policies and procedures, saves copies of the books issued/received and reports received from the organization's departments to the offices of the senior management, coordinates with the services of the foundation and affiliated staff For follow-up of books and correspondence issued and received from the Office of Senior Management, the summary of topics, reports and projects is submitted to senior management, which organizes senior management meetings.       2. Tasks And duties:    a. Saves copies of books and reports (confidential and ordinary) issued/received from the organization's departments to the offices of the senior management in accordance with the system of accurate index of all the topics involved, explaining the documentary course.     b. Coordinates with the departments and staff of the Foundation to follow up the books and correspondence issued and received from the Office of the Senior management in order to determine the duration of replies and the required response, as directed by the senior management.     c. The Compendium of topics, reports and projects is presented to senior management in order to assist senior management with information during meetings and, if possible, to conduct visits to third parties that are relevant to the work of the Organization on the instructions of the head of the office. Including the delivery of information to all Administrative levels and follow-up of correspondence, replies and reports important for processing until the return of the Chairman and managing director or general Manager.     d. Organizes meetings of senior management by arranging meeting times and equipping the meeting room with stationery and hospitality service, including the distribution of meeting minutes and reports to be discussed at the meeting, ensuring that all participants are present and knowledgeable about the meeting, as is the decision the meeting by taking and recording observations in coordination with the Organization's services and staff.     e. Develops the work within the Office of Senior management through the development of procedures and correspondence in order to improve productivity and efficiency. Participates in the reception of the guests of the foundation and important personalities.    f. Saves books and records, the source statement, the outgoing circuits and the appropriate response to them, works on a printer machine or a computer to print secret books.     g. Coordinates with the secretaries of the committees chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the managing director or General Manager, follow up the agendas with them and arrange for the meetings held, and coordinate with the directors of the offices all leadership positions from outside the institution or persons within Kuwait.     h. Receives complaints submitted to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the managing director or general manager of visitors or auditors within and outside the organization and presents it and follow-up in coordination with the concerned authorities in this regard. St. Performs similar or work-related work, such as keeping secret books of senior management and confidential acts of privacy, and maintaining the secrecy of the office's books, supervises the flight bookings required for official and unofficial missions as well as hotels for senior management guests in coordination with The Department of Public Relations and information, as well as the arrangements for transportation from the airport to the hotel and to the meeting place, arranges the special visas for the Chairman and Managing director/General Manager or for the guests of the organization in coordination with the Coordination and transactions department and the Department of Public Relations and media, and any Tasks assigned to him by the direct President.     3. Connections Work: Regular daily contacts with the Chairman and Managing director/General Manager, Deputy Directors General and staff of the Organization in general for the purpose of coordination and affiliated with related topics. As well as senior guests of the institution to schedule meetings, and to be contacted outside the institution on the basis of the head of the office.   4. Independence Work:   Works in accordance with the policies, procedures and administrative instructions and instructions of the head office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and managing director or general Manager, and subject the work performed for general review under the supervision of the direct President.


  1. University qualification in Administrative sciences or equivalent or diploma in management and secretarial.
  2. 10 years’ experience in administrative work, of which at least 3 years in a higher position in the case of a university qualification or 12 years’ experience in the field of administrative work or secretarial for a diploma and secretarial qualification.
  3. The ability to use the computer according to the enterprise system of secretarial functions.


  1. Very good knowledge in Arabic and English.

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