KAC220421020410 - Engineer I, Standards & Procedures

Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: Engineer I, Standards & Procedures
Division: Engineering Employment Type: Full Time - Permanent
Last date of application: 2022-05-26 Country: Kuwait,

Job Description:

Basic Function and Scope :  

Directs and ensures the issuance of KAC documents such as Maintenance Organizations Exposition, Engineering and  Quality Control  Procedures         (Part II) and Engineering Bulletins and  amends them periodically.  Issues SPI’s for compliance of Airworthiness Directives issued by various Regulatory  Authorities and Alert SB’s by manufacturers.

Task and Duties:

a. Evaluates all airworthiness directives issued by different regulatory authorities such as FAA, JAA, CAA, DGAC France, all Operator’s Telex (AOT), Alert Service Bulletins, Operator’s Information Telex (OIT) and other related matter and issues special inspections (SPI) to satisfy the requirements of the Ads, AOTs, etc.  
b. Reviews all KAC documents such as maintenance organization exposition, engineering and quality control procedures ( Part II), company capability List, Base Maintenance Manual, Engineering Bulletins and JAA and FAA supplements to MOE. Amends the documents when required and obtains approval from relevant authority such as Engineering Director, Manager Quality Control and forward to DGCA Kuwait for their approval.  
c. Issues and controls of different Quality  Control Forms/ technical logs/ cabin defect logs and revises them as required.
d. Liaises with DGCA and other regulatory authorities for the purchase of new aircraft and lease/ sale of old KAC aircraft. Fills necessary forms and completes all regulatory formalities such as C of A, C of R  for export de-registration.  
coordinates  with external Auditors(DGCA, LBA, FAA…etc.), Follows-up and actions any findings as necessary.    
e. Carries out other similar or related duties, as assigned.


a-  B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineer or Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Double License).    
b-  6 Years’ experience in civil aircraft maintenance work inclusive of  2 years’ experience in Quality Control.


Good knowledge of  English.   

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