KAC220421020422 - Senior Engineer, Communications Services & SITA

Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: Senior Engineer, Communications Services & SITA
Division: Information Technology Employment Type: Full Time - Permanent
Last date of application: 2022-05-26 Country: Kuwait,

Job Description:

  • Monitors and maintains data communications lines and equipment connected to KAC mini systems through NCC. Includes monitoring line traffic as displayed on control cabinets and modems and responding to visual or audio alerts of line malfunctions.
  • Re-establishes down or malfunctioning lines and equipment as alerted by equipment or called in by users to ensure constant revenue producing data communications flow. Includes isolating line in control cabinet and diagnosing fault as being either hardware or soft ware and uses such test equipment as data scopes, headsets and line testers and re-establishes contact through switching or rerouting as appropriate. Refers complicated system malfunctions to Supervisor, or line outages not repairable in control centre to appropriate technical KAC or Government personnel. Follows up on action taken and reports details in shift logbook.
  •  Receives user requests for assistance in program operation of line establishment. Includes interactivity advising users through SITA link of format errors or other possible problems to correct. Diagnoses equipment line failures through communication with user and may refer foreign area users to local SITA representative or contracted service maintenance technicians as appropriate.


  1. B.Sc. degree in Communications Engineering, Electronics or equivalent.
  2. 4 years' experience in communications engineering and maintenance plus having participated in 2 projects.


Very good knowledge of English. 

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