KAC220507050507 - Traffic Officer - MAN (Local Hiring)

Organization: Kuwait Airways Job: Traffic Officer - MAN (Local Hiring)
Division: Ground Handling Employment Type: Full Time - Permanent
Last date of application: 2022-05-25 Country: United Kingdom,

Job Description:

Kuwait Airways is actively recruiting for the role of Traffic Officer in UK, MAN.

In this role, you will carry out various specialized clerical and technical duties related to passenger check-in and handling. This includes checking in passenger and baggage at respective check-in counters, issuing excess baggage forms, collecting cash or credit card receipts, and checking passport for validity and visa. You are to liaise with Immigration Authorities at Kuwait Airport to facilitate clearance of passenger, cabin and deck crew, and KAC flights. You are to arrange for transiting passengers all necessary requirements when assigned to transit counter; this will include preparing manually and or generating by computer passenger manifests, closing flights and preparing Passenger Transferring Manifests (PTM), etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Check-in KAC passengers and baggage at check-in counters. This includes checking passenger ticket fares, flight details and passport for validity and visa availability. You should have strong knowledge of visa requirements for all countries.
• You are to carry out various clerical activities related to transiting passengers and baggage, and connecting flights.
• You are to issue excess baggage forms and receives payments accordingly.
• You are to liaise with Airport Immigration and Security Authorities to ensure timely checking of boarding passengers', cabin and deck crew's passports. You are also required to obtain Immigration clearance for KAC to release their flights.
• You may be assigned to any other unit of Passenger Services on shift, and will be expected to carry out all duties and responsibilities of these units/positions, such as Special Handling Services, Transit, Releasing and Baggage Services.


• Completion of Secondary (12 years) education.
• 2 years of airport operation experience with an airline.
• Proficient in English.
• Strong knowledge of relevant computer systems.

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